Durian Wood

(Image by Papan Kayu)

All About Durian Wood


Overview of Wood Species: Durian Wood

Name Durian
[Coelostegia spp., Durio spp., Kostermansia sp. and Neesia spp.]
Type Light Hardwood
Density 420-865 kg/m3 air dry
Janka Hardness 6,000N
Location South East Asia

Durian wood timber, derived from the iconic and beloved durian tree (Durio spp.), is an intriguing and relatively lesser-known resource in Malaysia's forestry landscape. While durian trees are renowned for their delectable fruit, the timber from these trees holds unique qualities. Durian wood exhibits a fine grain pattern and a pale yellow to reddish-brown hue, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice for various woodworking projects. Often times, dual-tones are seen on the wood.

Durian wood timber has a light to moderately heavy density and good workability, which has led to its use in crafting musical instruments, furniture, and even traditional Malay kris handles. However, the limited availability of durian wood due to the focus on durian fruit cultivation calls for sustainable and responsible harvesting practices to ensure the conservation of this distinctive timber source. 

18 Sep 2023