All About Kapur


Overview of Wood Species: Kapur

Name Kapur
[Dryobalanops spp. (Dipterocarpaceae)]
Type Medium Hardwood
Density 580 - 820 kg/m3 air dry
Janka Hardness 1,205lb
Location Malaysia & other South East Asian countries

Kapur wood, native to Malaysia, holds a special place in the country's rich forestry heritage. This hardwood, scientifically known as Dryobalanops spp., is highly regarded for its versatility and durability. Kapur wood's distinctive reddish-brown to dark-brown hue, coupled with its exceptional resistance to decay and insects, has made it a favored choice for a wide range of applications, including construction, furniture crafting, and boat building. Its widespread availability across the Malaysian peninsula and Borneo, coupled with responsible forestry practices, ensures a sustainable supply of this precious timber. Kapur wood not only contributes to Malaysia's economy but also reflects the nation's commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious forestry management, preserving the natural beauty and strength of its forests for generations to come.

16 Sep 2023