White Meranti

All About White Meranti


Overview of Wood Species: White Meranti

Name White Meranti, Lauan, Philippine Mahogany
[Shorea spp.]
Type Light Hardwood
Density 495-995 kg/m3 air dry
Janka Hardness 4,670N
Location Southeast Asia
Tree Size 40-60m tall, 1-1.5m trunk diameter

White Meranti is a highly prized timber species renowned for its versatility and durability. Native to Southeast Asia, this timber boasts a light color and straight grain, making it an ideal choice for various applications. From exquisite furniture to elegant flooring and paneling, White Meranti adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

What sets the White Meranti apart is its exceptional workability and natural resistance to decay, ensuring longevity and low maintenance. The Wood Place uses White Meranti for some of our builds as well, such as the rustic coffee rack and triangle drawer book stand. Whether used indoors or outdoors, White Meranti continues to be a favored option for those seeking quality timber that combines aesthetic appeal with practicality. 

12 May 2023